Nanosonic Stories Team

The Nanosonic Stories team are an interdisciplinary team of researchers from The University of Sydney funded by a Catalyst Grant from the Sydney Nano Institute. The team (A/Prof Alice Motion, Dr Daniel Yeadon, Dr Chiara O’Reilly and Dr Naseem Ahmadpour) are researching effective ways to communicate nanoscience through sound. Using original compositions of music, soundscapes and aural storytelling, this project aims to find new ways to audibly illustrate scientific concepts and to articulate emotions inspired by science at some of the smallest scales. Alice and her collaborators will explore the ability of music and sound to reach new audiences and connect people with science and develop a program of expertise in audio science communication to inform and contribute to science podcasts and immersive experiences that will aim to make science communication more inclusive.

The Nanosonic Stories team are always open to opportunities to collaborate and would love to hear from interested musicians, audio engineers, podcast producers or potential honours or PhD students who would be interested in exploring sound to communicate the smallest scales. Please contact A/Prof Alice Motion for more information.

A/Prof Alice Motion is a Westpac Research Fellow based at The University of Sydney. She is a chemist and science communicator with research focused on open source drug discovery and Science Communication, Outreach, Participation and Education (SCOPE). Finding ways to connect people with science and to make research more accessible is the overarching theme of Alice’s interdisciplinary research.

Alice is the Deputy Director (Outreach) of the Sydney Nano Institute and Co-Chair of the University of Sydney’s Citizen Science Node.

Dr Daniel Yeadon is a Lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, where he teaches cello and viola da gamba, coaches chamber music, and engages in research into learning, teaching and historical performance practices.

Daniel has a love of a wide range of musical genres and is an exceptionally versatile cellist and viola da gamba player, performing repertoire from the Renaissance through to Contemporary. Daniel is a passionate chamber musician, playing regularly with Ironwood, Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO), Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, Australian Haydn Ensemble and Bach Akademie Australia.

Originally from the UK, Daniel read physics at Oxford University and then completed his postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music in London. For many years Daniel was a member of the renowned Fitzwilliam String Quartet and the exuberant period instrument ensemble Florilegium. He has made many award-winning recordings.

Dr Chiara O’Reilly is the Director of the Museum and Heritage Studies program at the University of Sydney. Her research examines cultural institutions (Galleries, Science Museums and Social History Museums) to critically consider their history, contemporary role and how their function changes over time.

She has published a monograph with Dr Anna Lawrenson The Rise of the Must-See Exhibition. Blockbusters in Australian Museums and Galleries (2019) and articles in the Oxford Journal of the History of Collections, Museum Management and Curatorship, and Museum and Society.

In 2018 with colleagues in Sydney Nano and Chemistry she cofounded the NanoLens a project that linked the artistic practice of still-life with Nano research into organic surfaces to better understand how we look and understand the world around us.

Her current research explores ideas of place/landscape, museums as sites of civil society and the complex relationships between science and art.

Dr Naseem Ahmadpour is a Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design at the Design Lab, University of Sydney. Her research explores how designed interventions can be used to augment personal experiences in daily life, with a particular focus on improving wellbeing.

She often uses narrative storytelling as a method to engage in co-creation with people in a variety of contexts. 

Naseem is the co-founder and academic lead of Westmead Innovative Technologies Group and leads the Augmented and Virtual Reality Node at the Digital Health and Informatics Network in Sydney. She regularly publishes in Human-Computer Interaction and design conferences and journals.

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