Live from the Lab 2020 partnered scientists and musicians to create 6 brand new tracks dissecting nanorobotics, computational discovery and a whole lot more.

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Episode One

In this episode hear from Sean Conran and Tamara Issa of Obscura Hail and Wenjie Yang speak on reducing CO2 emissions in manufacturing processes. 

Episode Two

In this episode hear from Gemma Navarrete and Dr Shiyang Jia speak on how we can unlock the neural interface to transform treatments into comprehensive cures.

Episode Three

In this episode hear from Non Chalant of Flower Boy 卓颖贤 and Dr Lamiae Azizi talk about simulating new materials from a single atom to fully functioning devices using quantum computers, multiscale simulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Episode Four

In this episode hear from Luke Davis and scientists Minh Tri Luu and Dr Taylor Szyszka chat about building autonomous, programmable nanorobots to navigate through the body to detect and treat early disease.

Episode Five

In this episode hear from Ptwiggs and Dr Hien Duong talk about a framework that assess the safety, efficacy and toxicity of the future development of nanomaterials across drug formulations, food additives and biosensors.

Episode Six

In the final episode of Live From The Lab hear from Nardean and Professor Chiara Neto chat about developing a low cost method to capture enough water from the atmosphere to alleviate the effect of droughts.

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