Production Team

LIVE FROM THE LAB 2020 is hosted by Courtney Ammenhauser and Alice Motion. Podcast editing and production is by Bernadette Nguyen, video editing and production by James Brennan and sting creation by Will Ryan. The producer is Issy Phillips and executive producer Alice Motion. Original artwork has been created by Karina Aslikyan.

Meet some of the team!

The obligatory zoom photo – TL to TR: Issy Phillips, Alice Motion, Bernadette Nguen; BL to BR: James Brennan and Courtney Ammenhauser

Issy Phillips
Issy Phillips is a creative producer, climate communicator and performer originally from regional NSW. She’s been described as an exciting new voice in Australian Comedy and was named one of GQ’s three brightest millennial comics.

Last year Issy gave a Ted Talk on how we can use the arts as a medium to inspire action on climate change and is the co-founder of social enterprise Hiccup that advocates for using music and art as a medium for climate justice.

She is currently the Executive Producer of FBi’s flagship breakfast program Up For It and hosts beloved segment Am I The Asshole. She previously worked at the Sydney Opera House as a publicist.

Bernadette Nguyen

Bernadette Nguyen is a producer, writer and editor working across audio and film. She is currently a podcast producer at Audiocraft, as well as producing the Breakfast program on FBi Radio and has produced stories for All The Best Radio that have been broadcast on ABC Radio. Her experience across the media landscape has developed a strong understanding of the craft of storytelling. She is passionate about diverse stories in the Australian landscape and making audiences learn and laugh.

James Brennan 

James is an independent multimedia artist with a keen focus on video, music and radio. Tangentially speaking, science doesn’t fall under these categories, and believe me… he knows. But James believes that much like science, putting passionate and tangible effort into work within these spaces has undeniable results. 

James started his work in broadcast working the overnight editing shift for SBS and SBS Viceland in 2016, which his sleep pattern is arguably yet to recover from.

James currently hosts Midnights on FBi Radio, manages his own music career and is working as a video producer for digital. Please swipe right.

Karina Aslikyan

Karina Aslikyan is a Sydney-based Graphic Designer for music. Originally from Russia, she has a background in international relations, communication, and interactive multimedia. Her work builds on universal emotions and experiences on the border between nature and technology. Karina’s biggest inspirations are space, art, and computers. Presently, she is working on a sci-fi comic book about a female astronaut. 

Website: Instagram: @karina.aslikyan

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