LFTL 2021

LIVE FROM THE LAB 2021 was hosted by Courtney Ammenhauser and Alice Motion. Podcast editing and production is by Donny Janks, video editing and production by Samuel McEwen and sting creation by Will Ryan, trailer by Angie Dowling. The producers were Caity Booth and Cass Chester and executive producer Alice Motion. Original artwork has been created by Karina Aslikyan.

Meet some of the team!

Coming soon! 

Karina Aslikyan

Karina Aslikyan is a Sydney-based Graphic Designer for music. Originally from Russia, she has a background in international relations, communication, and interactive multimedia. Her work builds on universal emotions and experiences on the border between nature and technology. Karina’s biggest inspirations are space, art, and computers. Presently, she is working on a sci-fi comic book about a female astronaut. 

Website: https://karinaaslikyan.com Instagram: @karina.aslikyan

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